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Walter Finley Photography, LLC offers a wide array of services tailored to the individual needs of commercial, residential and personal clients.


Product Photography

Capturing your product in the right environment is key to a successful marketing campaign.  Product placement is integral to the ability of consumers to see your product in the right light.  High quality, high resolution images are the perfect way to present your company's offerings to the general public while shaping the expectations of current and future clients.

Real Estate Photography

Showcasing the most attractive features of a commercial or residential property is crucial in generating interest in the structure.  Walter Finley Photography, LLC incorporates an artistic perspective into real estate photography that highlights the features that you are most eager to show prospective buyers.  Additionally, the professional services provided capture the entirety of the property, not just a few key elements of a home or office.

Event Photography

Corporate and personal events are milestones worth celebrating - and remembering.  Walter Finley Photography's event services enable you to rest assured that your occasion is documented in high quality photographs.  With a flexible traveling schedule, Walter Finley Photography, LLC can accompany your party virtually anywhere it may take you.

Freelance Projects

Photography is an art form that can covey messages, evoke emotions, and education individuals.  As such, it is a creative medium that is relied upon by a variety of industries.  From writers looking to supplement their work with engaging images to magazines looking for unique, professional photographs to highlight social issues facing the world today, Walter Finley Photography, LLC can deliver.

Professional Portfolios

Actors, models, fashion designers, and other professionals rely upon portfolios to book jobs and build their careers, investing in professional photographs, whether you need stills or images of a performance, will heighten the quality of your portfolio.

Walter Finley Photography, LLC is dedicated to providing you with the images that will capture the message and aesthetic that you are looking for.  Because each project requires individualized services, a proposal detailing all cost, including travel expenses, hourly rates, and image pricing, will be provided.  If you are interested in partnering with Walter Finley Photography, LLC for your next event, marketing campaign, etc., please call (864) 334-6163 for more information.


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