Walter Finley Photography, LLC | About
A full-service professional photography Limited Liability Company, Walter Finley Photography, LLC approaches this art form with a blend of creativity and technical proficiency. Based in Greer, South Carolina, the agency documents a wide range of subjects through its practice, from residential and commercial properties to personal portfolios to corporate products and events. Walter Finley Photography, LLC specializes in travel destination photography and has experience shooting on location in the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

The services that the agency provides are tailored to the needs of each project, allowing it to cater to the personalized requests of a diverse range of clients. For this reason, Walter Finley Photography, LLC ensures that every client is provided with a detailed proposal outlining all costs associated with its work, as expenses regarding travel, images, and time vary from one shoot to the next. Additionally, this attention to detail allows the agency to pinpoint exactly what its clientele is looking for and deliver on their expectations.

Many businesses rely upon stock photos to enhance their marketing materials; real estate agents turn to low quality pictures taken on their phones; and models and other professionals invest in amateur headshots to build their portfolios. Through the services of Walter Finley Photography, these and other clients can boost the effectiveness of the images they use by partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable professional. To learn more about Walter Finley Photography, LLC and to request a personalized proposal for your project, call (864) 334-6163.